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just before 3:00 -- break happened just before 3:00 this morning causing a flood of water to pool at the intersection of 15th avenue and wawona. the pipe was a 1952 16" cast iron. that's twice the size of normal residential pipes and we're told that's also why so much water gathered here. if you think this looks bad, the water flooded into neighbors' homes like ray romero. >> i didn't know what was going on. i heard something. i went outside. it looked like it was raining . i saw the water. i went downstairs and water was knee deep. >> reporter: earlier reports of a sinkhole was a concern for utility workers but it appears the break formed a crack off to the sidewalk so it's good news. it won't be that bad of a clean- up effort. back live, you can see they are already digging trying to get out that water this is area. and as frank mentioned earlier, roads will be shut down for most of the day as they try to
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speed up along this clean-up effort but again, it's going to take hours. back to you. >> i can imagine, cate. it looks like a mess. how about the drinking water? is that compromised? do people still have water there? >> reporter: earlier we were told that the dirt behind us because sewage. but later on they found out that actually the dirt came up from under the road where that break happened so there's no issues of contamination here. that's good news for the neighbors in the area. >> all right. that's a bright spot i guess this morning for the neighbors dealing with this mess. cate caugiran live in san francisco thank you. new information about what i have led to the deadly police shooting in santa cruz. two detectives were shot to death on duty yesterday afternoon and a short time later just a couple of blocks away the suspect was killed in a shootout with other police officers. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in santa cruz now with the latest. >> reporter: it's going to be
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another hard breaking day here -- heartbreaking day here in santa cruz after two police officers died. the street behind me, doyle street is where the suspect was shot that was just reopened a few minutes ago. so investigators have wrapped up their work on the scene. they say this investigation could take days or even weeks to actually complete. now, here is the man officers say shot and killed those two santa cruz detectives yesterday afternoon. 35-year-old jeremy goulet, who lived in santa cruz and worked at a harbor coffee shop, these are the fallen officers. sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. investigators say the two were talking outside of goulet's home on branciforte about a block away and they were there for some sort of investigation when goulet opened fire killing them both. investigators say goulet then took off after that shooting, but officers caught up with him here on doyle street. they say he shot first at them. they returned fire and killed him.
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>> kind of chaotic. people didn't know what was happening. >> i started walking down the street and the gunfire started right in front of me about 15 feet right in front of me so i hid behind my car and then took off running. >> reporter: to be sure there weren't any other suspects, s.w.a.t. officers broke down doors in the neighborhood and put four schools on lockdown. things should be pretty much back to normal here in downtown santa cruz today. now a little bit more about the suspect. we heard from one of his friends late last night. he said that goulet had recently been suicidal, depress and and said if he was going to die, he was going to go down in a big way. he was arrested for disorderly conduct last friday. we are going to hear more from officers in this case later on this morning. of course we'll keep you posted. live in santa cruz, anne makovec, kpix 5. more now on that shooting suspect jeremy goulet. he does have a criminal record. he was arrested in portland, oregon after a man caught him peeping through a window as his
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girlfriend was taking a shower. goulet's gun went off during the struggle and the boyfriend bit off part of goulet's ear. goulet was put on probation but decided to serve two years in jail because he couldn't get along with his probation officer. the santa cruz police chief says his department is like family. the chief was emotional as he talked about the two slain detectives. one of the victims was detective elizabeth butler. >> elizabeth is a ten-year veteran of the santa cruz police department currently assigned to investigations. she leaves behind her partner, peter, and her two young boys. >> also killed was detective sergeant loran "butch" baker. he had been with the santa cruz police department for 28 years. he leaves behind his wife, two daughters and a son who also works for santa cruz police. >> very difficult situation down in santa cruz. let's switch gears with weather and traffic. if you like sunshine, you'll
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like lawrence today. >> i wouldn't go that far. [ laughter ] >> but at least you'll like the weather. you know, if you like that sunshine, you'll love today. temperatures soaring by the afternoon again well into the 60s. wouldn't be surprised to see a 70. outside right now, yeah, clear as a bell out over the bay. looking good right now. the temperatures cold though in spots. actually down to freezing in some of the valleys now. 32 degrees in santa rosa. 39 in san jose. and 46 degrees in san francisco. high pressure overhead a flat ridge so from time to time, we'll see a couple of occasional passing high clouds but that's about as bad as it's going to get today. this afternoon will be something else. really on the warm side. temperatures usually in the low to mid-60s. upper 60s, maybe even some low 70s today. expecting about 69 in concord, about 68 in san jose, and 62 in san francisco. that is a very nice day ahead. let's check on traffic now with elizabeth. >> things are getting busy now over the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights, but obviously some delays in those cash lanes. over at the san mateo bridge, problem-free both directions
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across the span. and let's get quickly to our maps. we have been watching this breaking news in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. the streets are still closed at 15th and wawona. huge water main break. water was seen racing down the street and it formed a puddle flight that area. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a gunman killed two people and injured seven before shooting himself at a lumber plant in switzerland this morning. it happened in the central part of the country west of lucerne. witnesses say the shooter opened fire in the company canteen, then killed himself. no word on a motive or whether the gunman worked at the plant. human crowd at the vatican today to witness pope benedict xvi's final hours as head of the catholic church. it's a big couple of days. vinita nair joins us live from the vatican with more on the pope's sendoff and his retirement. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, it's a beautiful day here in rome. keep in mind, we're a lot of hours ahead for this general
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audience that wrapped up about three hours ago from where we are now but it was an unusual one in the sense that the pope traditionally takes this time to talk to tourists and followers about the catholic religion. but today he made it very personal aware that this was his last public audience. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: pope benedict rode through st. peter's square in his trademark popemobile for the last time. he kissed babies and waved to tens of thousands of people who gathered to see him. the 85-year-old delivered his final message after serving nearly 8 years as pontiff. pope benedict told the crowd he will keep the faithful in his prayers and has great trust in the future of the catholic church. tomorrow he will become the first pope to abdicate in 600 years. this group of pilgrims from the pope's home country of germany took an overnight bus to rome. he says, it's a historical event. naturally, we want to be part of it. vatican officials say even in his retirement, pope benedict will be known as emeritus pope. so when a new pontiff is
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elected there will be two popes living just a few yards away from each other here in vatican city. critics suggest having two popes both with the same key aides serving them could cause conflict. but the vatican insists while the situation is unique, no trouble will arise. pope benedict will be called your holiness and will continue to wear a white robe. but he is trading his famous red shoes for a brown pair he received on a trip to mexico. >> when the pope was asked what he wanted to wear, he told, i want the shoes from leone in mexico. >> reporter: pope benedict asked the faithful to pray for the cardinals, who will choose his successor. 115 cardinals under the age of 80 will vote in a secret election early next month. in the two months since the pope announced he would be resigning, a lot has been made of his health and in fact he spoke about it during the last audience. he said thank you for recognizing that i have diminishing health and thank you for understanding that i
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realize what i'm doing is for the good of the church. back to you guys. >> all right. and vinita we know there is a big process before a new pope is named but do you have a timeline for that? >> reporter: that certainly is the big hot button question right now here in rome. we have talked to some members of the clergy and theidates that we keep hearing the 10th or the 11th the start of the conclave and then a new pope would hopefully be in office by the 17th, which is timing that they are hoping for because a week later is the beginning of holy week and they certainly want a new pope before easter. reporting live in rome, back to you guys. >> thank you, vinita nair. well, the families of that bay area couple that went off to peru and got lost are speaking out after the news that the couple could be okay. the u.s. embassy official says jamie neal and garrett hand were spotted on a boat near a remote village. a plane has been deployed to find them now. they were on a cycling trip in south america. they hadn't been heard from in
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more than a month. they went off the grid. no facebook post, no nothing. but apparently, we hope they're okay. >> right. time now 6:11. just two days until massive federal budget cuts kick in. can congress reach a late-hour deal? >> and a titanic undertaking. a billionaire unveils plans for a sequel to the doomed oceanliner. >> and an airport temper tantrum. a passenger flips out over something that's probably happened to you. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to add some beauty to your yard get 5 annuals for just $5 at lowe's today. it's time to change the way
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there's still no indication that we are still following breaking news in the west portal neighborhood in san francisco. it's a mess right now at the area near 15th and wawona. check this out. a massive water many break
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happened overnight submerging cars, flooding homes. and obviously, streets are still blocked off in the neighborhood as crews rush to clean it up. elsewhere to the bay bridge, metering lights are on now so we have delays already in the cash and the fastrak lanes backing up to the overcrossing. we also have some other slow spots across the bay area including towards 101 near candlestick, looks okay there. highway 4 different story. it's slow going from a street past the antioch exits heading to pittsburg and concord. and some slight ace train delays. train 1 is about 10 minutes behind schedule. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> we have a lot of sunshine coming our way and we are going to need it. cold in spots this morning down to freezing in some of the interior valleys. outside though it is mostly clear now and going to stay that way for the better part of the day. high clouds passing by, but otherwise mild to warm again but some big changes as we look toward the weekend. flat ridge of high pressure sitting overhead. a few clouds going to drift
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over that ridge. otherwise, we're going to see lots of sunshine and those temperatures are going to be running above the average the next couple of days. around the bay today likely to see temperatures as high as 69 in morgan hill. 68 san jose. 60 pacifica. numbers up to 69 in brentwood, 69 in napa and about 66 in vallejo. and inside the bay plenty of sunshine this afternoon just a few passing clouds and temperatures mainly into the 60s. the next couple of days we are going to see spectacular weather. the temperatures warming up into the mid-70s in the hottest spots as we get toward friday. looking good. then we'll start to cool down over the weekend even a slight chance of a sprinkle on saturday night into sunday. maybe a better chance of rain for everyone next tuesday. >> subject to change. >> every day. >> bay area. come on. thank you. 6:17 now. there's still no indication that congressional democrats and republicans are anywhere close to a deal to avoid the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts at the end of the week. those cuts will kick in less than two days from now unless
6:16 am
there is a surprise agreement on capitol hill. yesterday, president obama rejected a republican plan that would give him the flexibility to allocate those $85 billion in spending cuts. the president and other democrats say higher taxes should be part of the solution. stay tuned. and those spending cuts would have a big effect on the nation's air traffic control system. transportation secretary ray lahood said staff furloughs could force 100 air traffic control centers across the nation to shut down. those cutbacks would mostly affect smaller airports like sonoma county. >> a lot of people in sonoma county use this as a transportation hub for business. so if that's impacted, that means i have to go 90 minutes to two hours over to oakland or san francisco to make the same flight. >> air alaska does go into sonoma county. the federal government does have some guidelines though for take-offs and landings without air traffic control towers. well, a political advisor in china just lost it right in
6:17 am
the middle of an airport security checkpoint. take a look at this. his temper tantrum was caught on tape. he trashed a boarding area after he and his family missed two flights. when he couldn't breakthrough the glass doors, he slammed the sign on the desk. and he has since apologized which he should, right? >> i guess. >> i think we have all wanted to do this but never -- >> we're all very smart. >> exactly. well, you will be able to take a cruise on the titanic in just a few years. an australian billionaire is planning to build a new version of the ship that sank almost 101 years ago after hitting an iceberg in the north atlantic. he said construction will start soon in china. the maiden voyage will be 2016 on the same route as the original titanic. i think this could be very popular. >> i think the guy's a genius because with the movie and all the hoopla surrounding that ship -- >> woo take that trip? >> people are already lining up to pay a million dollars for
6:18 am
the upper cabins. he already has dozens waiting. >> i would go, maybe if it's in the caribbean. >> it's not. [ laughter ] it's the hardest shot in bowling. the video i have to see to believe. >> fists fly in the 4th quarter. a big brawl between the warriors and the pacers. look out. it's coming your way. >> and we want to know what is cool about your school. you can submit your nomination on our website, we may come out and visit and feature your school right here on our show.
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good morning. chopper 5 is now overhead as crews are super busy this morning cleaning up the mud and water in the west portal after a huge water main break flooded this san francisco neighborhood. what streets to avoid is this
6:22 am
we'll tell you coming up. >> skies nice and clear around the bay area. it is cold in the valleys! but boy, we have a warm day ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right, lawrence. thank you. there might be some suspensions stemming from the shoving match during the warriors game at indiana. the fine master might come out, too. it happened in the 4th quarter last night. david lee and roy hibbert start shoving one another under the bucket. steph curry got into it. he got thrown off like a gnat right there. hibbert is 7'2." the refs called six technicals and threw hibbert out of the game. the warriors lost 108-97. ugly in indiana last night. how about some hockey? sharks back home hosting the avalanche. tj gallardi gets his first goal of the year on a pass from james shepherd giving san jose a 2-1 lead over colorado. came down to a shootout. patrick marleau for win, got it! sharks win 3-2. their two game nosedive is over. it's their eighth straight win
6:23 am
over colorado at the tank. nothing more difficult than bowling than trying to spare on the dreaded 7-10 split. it is our play of the day! he hits it square, and it takes out the 7. i know you're enthralled here. >> oh, yes. i'm very interested in bowling. i am, actually, because this is amazing. >> it's an incredible shot. when was the last time you went bowling? >> less than a year ago. but i'm not very good. i mean, i still do the under -- like the grandma throw. >> i can only imagine. this is an incredible shod so good for him! he got his strike. and he got the play of the day. >> there we go. 6:25 right now. coming up, an emotional sendoff for pope benedict. his final message to a crowd of thousands. >> reporter: live in san francisco's west portal neighborhood where a water main break causes damage to a dozen homes. we'll hear from neighbors in the area. >> reporter: and the community in santa cruz is still reeling after two police officers are shot and killed yesterday. the latest on the investigation
6:24 am
up next.
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it appears that the water level has gone down some but you can see just how bad it got. >> cars submerge, homes flooded in another major water main break. >> a possible sinkhole is forming. >> this is the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. >> two officers shot and killed in the line of duty. >> i heard another round of 40 to 50 very fast gunshots. >> the santa cruz police department only has about 100 sworn officers so the loss of two of them is devastating for the department. >> 100,000 people flocked to
6:28 am
st. peter's square for pope benedict's emotional good-bye. >> congress plays the blame game with two days to go until the sequester spending cuts. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> we are doing our best to pass something. >> beer loves accuse budweiser of diluting their drinks. >> it may take a lawsuit to prove that false. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, february 27. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. major water damage in homes and cars right now day to the water main break in san francisco. chopper 5 getting a bird's-eye view this morning of all the water damage near 15th and wawona. this is in the west portal neighborhood. >> kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran talked to one of the neighbors who just move there.
6:29 am
what did he say? >> reporter: it wasn't quite the welcome they were hoping for as they moved into this west portal neighborhood. they said they woke up early this morning around 3 a.m. and found a couple of feet of water in their basement. bu the clean-up effort is under way. utility workers are clearing the dirt and silt that collected here at 15th and wawona. now, here's some video this we shot earlier of the damage. san francisco's public utilities commission tells us this break happened again just before 3:00 this morning. the break was unique in the way that it happened underneath the roadway. earlier we got reports of a sinkhole forming and that was a concern for utility crews but it appears the break formed a crack off to the side of the sidewalk. now, that water created a lake or a pool at this intersection that we're standing at and for at least a dozen neighbors it gathered inside their home. >> our house is at least under two to three feet of water. we are wading in there and grabbing anything we could. we just moved in two weeks ago.
6:30 am
>> reporter: we asked the water department why there was so much of that water here and we are told that most water main lines are about 6 to 8." but this one was 16 inches so pretty much double that size and that's why it all collected in this area. now, back out live we want to let you know that this road is going to be shut down pretty much for the entire day as these utility workers work against the clock to try to clean up this entire area. so it is going to be quite a bit of work for all these people here but the good news is for neighbors that the water hasn't been shut off to their homes. there's no threat of contamination. earlier they thought that there was sewage in this area but again, no -- it turns out this dirt was just coming up from underneath that crack. reporting live in san francisco's west portal neighborhood, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> dirt better than sewage. thank you. this happened before. last week a broken water main in the city's north beach neighborhood sent water shooting down mason and filbert streets. puc crews had to dig up the road to repair that damage.
6:31 am
and cable car service had to be rerouted, as well. a memorial is growing in honor of the two santa cruz police detectives killed in the line of duty. >> they were responding to a call when they were shot and killed yesterday afternoon. a short time later a few blocks away the suspect was killed in a shootout with other police officers. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec gins us now. she is in santa cruz. you're learning more about what may have led to the shootings. >> reporter: that's right. in the meantime, the community is really grieving here in santa cruz. you mentioned that memorial. it is growing right now outside the santa cruz police department not far from where i'm standing and this is doyle street behind me. they just reopened it. this is where the suspect was shot and killed late yesterday afternoon. let me let you take a look at his picture. his name is jeremy goulet, 35 years old. this is the man officers say shot and killed two detectives yesterday afternoon. he lived in santa cruz and worked at a coffee shop on the
6:32 am
harbor according to one of his friends. these are the fallen officers: sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. investigators say the officers were talking outside of goulet's home on branciforte. they were there for some sort of investigation when goulet opened fire killing them both. >> i have known both of these officers for long, long time. and there just aren't words to describe how i feel personally about this and how my department is reacting to this horrific, horrific tragedy. >> reporter: investigators say goulet took off after the shooting but officers caught up with them on nearby doyle street. they say he shot first at them. they returned fire and killed goulet. to be sure there weren't any other suspects on the loose, s.w.a.t. officers broke down doors in the neighborhood and put four schools on lockdown. everything should be back to normal relatively speaking here this morning in downtown santa cruz. we also did speak with one of goulet's friends who said he has been having a lot of
6:33 am
problems recently. he was arrested on friday for disorderly conduct. his friend also said he has been depressed and suicidal and also had recently been fired from his job at that coffee shop. the sheriff's office is taking over the investigation for the santa cruz pd. shooting suspect respect jeremy goulet has a criminal record from an incident in oregon in 2007. he was arrested in portland after a man caught him peeping through a window at his girlfriend as she took a shower as the man fought with goulet, his gun went off and the boyfriend bit off part of goulet's ear. goulet was put on probation but he decided to go to jail for two years instead because he couldn't get along with his probation officer. the santa cruz police chief says his department is like family. the chief was very emotional last night as he talked about the two slain detectives. one of the victims was
6:34 am
detective sergeant loran "butch" baker. >> butch was a 28-year veteran of the santa cruz police department. he was a long-time friend of mine, a mentor. he leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and a son who actually works for my department as a community service officer. >> detective elizabeth butler was also killed. she was a 10-year veteran of the santa cruz department. she leaves behind her boyfriend, peter and two sons. three people are dead and seven people are injured in a workplace shooting in switzerland. this is at a lumber company in the central part. country west of lucerne. witnesses say the shooter opened fire in the company canteen. then he killed himself. no word on a motive or whether the gunman worked at the plant. these are the final hours on the job for pope benedict xvi. an estimated 150,000 people gathered in vatican city today
6:35 am
as the pope addressed his final general audience. they are witness to history as benedict is the first pope in six centuries to resign. he thanked his cardinals and colleagues for their guidance and for respecting his decision to leave. his resignation officially takes effect tomorrow morning about 11:00 tonight pacific time. >> we are going to talk with a priest here in a couple of minutes from st. mary's college give us a little perspective on what is going to happen in the next couple of weeks with the pope and what's going to happen to the pope. >> yes. >> now that he is abdicating. >> let's just check in with lawrence on this weather here. >> we should. we are looking at beautiful weather. lots of sunshine continuing outside. a little cold to start with early on though this morning. we have some freezing temperatures showing up in the valleys, the 40s as you approach the coastline and boy, it is looking good out there right now. not a cloud in the sky there over the bay bridge. and the temperatures around the bay starting out with 38 degrees a little cool in concord. freezing in santa rosa at 32. 39 in san jose.
6:36 am
and 46 degrees in san francisco. by the afternoon going to be some kind of day again. these temperatures soaring near 70 degrees. wouldn't be surprised toes a couple of 70s into the south bay. east bay temperatures will be similar this afternoon and other than a few passing high clouds the weather is just absolutely fabulous. nice inside the bay into the 60s. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are getting word of what sounds like it could be a bad accident in san lorenzo southbound 880 approaching lewelling. it's a motorcycle accident. we just got off the phone with chp. the injuries are minor. in the meantime traffic is backing up. it's stopped from washington avenue in san leandro. again three lanes are blocked in a busy spot anyway. out towards the bay bridge, the metering lights have been on now for about a half hour or so. so you're jammed up towards the 880 overcrossing. and also, there is a stall reported approaching the pay gates. they are working to clear it now. it's usually better news when there's a stall before the metering lights rather than the incline or upper deck.
6:37 am
they can usually clear it a little faster but in the meantime, one of those toll lanes is blocked. elsewhere it our maps, and other live traffic cameras, we are continuing to watch this water main break on city streets in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. 15th and wawona street are blocked. back to you guys. >> thank you. plans for a bay bridge party would allow 125,000 people to walk across the new eastern span. that party budget up for a vote today. the bay area toll authority will consider a $5.6 million contract. the party will start after a five-day shutdown of all the bridge traffic for the last stages of construction over the labor day weekend. the new span opens on labor day weekend. kpix 5 your official station for opening day ceremonies. 187 more days to go. on friday, kids will be abled ride free on muni. the pilot program offering lower income youth a free pass for 16 months. advocates have been pushing for the program now for the last
6:38 am
couple of years as the san francisco unified school district has cut back on buses, and transit fares have gone up. public safety and job creation in oakland will be highlighted in tonight's state of the city. mayor quan is expected to highlight the city gaining 5,000 jobs over the last year as well as a booming housing market. she delivers her second annual address inside city hall starting at 7:00. chuck hagel is now officially the u.s. secretary of defense. the former senator out of nebraska sworn in just a short time ago at the pentagon. bitter seven-week fight though over his nomination finally ended yesterday as the senate voted 58-41 to confirm little. hagel by the way is a republican. but he got the votes of only 4 republican senators. many in the gop feel he is hostile towards israel and soft on iran. but he will take over as secretary of defense. it's time now -- time now is 6:40. why a legendary beer company is
6:39 am
accused of misleading its customers, coming up. >> attack of the tumbleweeds. how long it will take to clean up this mess of tumbleweeds. >> the marketed opened up 10 minutes ahe do. let's check the early numbers here. so far, not too bad. we are going to get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks.
6:40 am
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6:43 am
canceled. three people are dead due to the weather problems. kansas city declared a state of emergency and missouri took it a step further issuing a very rare no-travel advisory. take a look at this. gusty winds in texas left this big mess for a homeowner. look at that. opened the door and you have tumbleweeds everywhere. josh pittman says he recently tore down a fence that would have protected his home from a tumbleweed attack. he expects he will spend the rest of the week removing it. it's like the trouble with tribbles on "star trek." >> that's like an old wild west movie gone wrong! they are getting the storms in the eastern half of the united states. we are getting a ridge of high pressure with great weather if you like sunshine and warm temperatures. out there right now, we are starting out a little bit chilly. in fact, got some freezing temperatures in some of the valleys. but mild to warm afternoon and then changes headed our way as
6:44 am
we look toward the weekend. right now a flat ridge of high pressure keeping us dry right now. the jet stream staying to the north. occasionally from time to time, we're going to see a few high clouds drift over the top of that rick. otherwise we are looking good. no delays expected out of sfo a clear start there but heading across the country we could see some problems. not in houston, though. 72. 39 but dry into denver. you could see snow showers in chicago and rain could be an issue in new york. around the bay today, it is going to be dry and those temperatures soaring well into the 60s, maybe even some low 70s in the south bay this afternoon. east bay temperatures up well into the 60s. and as you head inside the bay, we'll find plenty of sunshine today. and those temperatures mainly in the 60s. so looking out over the next few days, we are going to keep things dry and actually warmer if you can believe that. some mid-70s possible by friday. then over the weekend, at least a slight chance of a couple of sprinkles late saturday night into sunday. better chance of rain for everyone next tuesday. liz? >> thank you, lawrence. and we already have a lot of
6:45 am
gridlock on 880 if you are traveling from san leandro into san lorenzo because of an accident blocking three lanes on southbound 880 approaching lewelling boulevard. it's an injury crash minor injuries involving a motorcycle rider down again on the road. three lanes blocked. chp working to clear it now. our sensors are showing backups and delays into san leandro from beyond 238 and growing. elsewhere we'll go flying over the altamont pass past the wind turbines. it looks slow from 205 out of tracy all the way towards vasco road and then remains heavy again closer towards the dublin interchange. the drive time is in the red, 33 minutes between the altamont pass and 680. and i believe we have some video to show you of the scene near west portal, san francisco's west portal neighborhood. obviously a huge water main break happening there overnight blocking roads at 15th and wawona. coming up, we'll get a live report from the scene. back to you guys. >> thank you. rumors of a potential stock
6:46 am
split big topic right now apple shareholders when they meet later today. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's all about what to do with apple's $137 billion in cash. hedge fund manager david einhorn pushed the issue to the fore after a successful lawsuit against apple preventing the company from bundling a proposal into the shareholder vote which would eliminate preferred shares. einhorn thinks it would unlock value for shareholders. another hedge fund manager tweeted yesterday that he heard rumors that the company can look at a potential stock split. it is important to note that apple usually does not announce any major product announcements or any strategy changes at its annual shareholders meeting. let's see how the stock market is doing this morning after the big gain yesterday, dow up 26 points. nasdaq is gaining 4. s&p up 3.
6:47 am
apple shares down by 1%. back to you. >> thank you. well, one of silicon valley's wealthiest men has bought an airline. oracle's ceo larry ellison purchased island air yesterday. all of the carriers' flights are within the state of hawaii. ellison already has an interest in the aloha state. last year he bought 98% of the island of lanai from a billionaire. >> couldn't buy it all? >> no. >> he needs a plane to get to work i guess and get home. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, my bff. >> hello, my bff. frank and michelle, don't we all wish we could just buy a plane? have you been to the airport lately? >> he didn't buy a plane, he bought an airline. he bought many planes. >> yeah. i want to meet him! >> yeah, no kidding. ahead the california technology reporter to blew the lid off yahoo's new policy that
6:48 am
bans working from home. the uproar she is hearing and the effect that's rimming across silicon valley -- rippling acros silicon valley. a mafia prince describes his life as a hit man why he turned on the mob and how he earned the nickname crazy phil. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you back in the morning. back to you to you, crazy frank. >> thank you. well, pope benedict spoke to an estimated 150,000 people and it was his final public appearance before he abdicates. >> for more on the historic event we are joined by father michael russo a professor of communications studies at st. mary's college in moraga. he joins us now live with his thoughts as the pope is about to step down. your thoughts, father? >> reporter: good morning, michelle and frank. yes, the pope this morning said the pope is never alone. i can now feel it in such a
6:49 am
great way that touches the heart. his writings are extraordinary. he wrote 60 books. and actually here's a world leader writing world class books while he was pope. so in these eight years i think his legacy is going to primarily be theological and literary. probably the best writer of pope in the modern era. >> is there any chance -- we have been talking about his successor. is there any chance the next pope could come from the united states possibly or third world country? >> well, third world country, yes. united states probably no. >> what about the precedent he is setting? this hasn't been done in 600 years. he is 85. do you think this might set a precedent where they might have an age limit or perhaps other popes will step down before another 600 years goes by? >> yeah. this precedent is extraordinary. it may mean that a younger person would come into the papal office for a limited set
6:50 am
of time. i wouldn't call it, you know, democracy. there is a level here where the term limit of a pope would mean that there would be a period of 12 years perhaps as pope then a period of retirement. so it's a precedent that's going to mean quite a bit for the cardinals who will be electing a new pope in a few days. >> all right. we'll have to see what happens. father, thank you. it is 6:52 now. coming up, final check of your top stories including the big watery mess in san francisco. >> reporter: the clean-up is under way in san francisco's west portal neighborhood after a water main break flooded a dozen homes. we'll give you the latest coming up.
6:51 am
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water main break. chopper five flying over water- covered cars nea welcome back. san francisco homeowners looking at a big monster mess left behind after a water main break early this morning. >> chopper 5 flying over water damaged homes and mud covered cars near 15th and wawona. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is on the ground in the west portal where roads are shut down for this major clean-up, cate. >> reporter: michelle, frank, roads are shut down. they are dirty and muddy. the clean-up is going on. i want to show you just how bad this damage is. you can take a look at how high the water got to this car. i'm 5-4." there is quite a mess that's going to be cleaned up today but let us tell you more about the break. this video we shot earlier started around 3:00 this morning. it caused a flood of water to pool at the intersection of 15th and wawona. the pipe we're told was a 1952 16" cast iron and that's twice the size of a normal residential pipe and that's also why, we're told, so much
6:55 am
water gathered in this area. if you think it looks bad on the ground, we're told from neighbors it looks worse inside their homes. one neighbor told us it was up to 3 feet in his basement. earlier we got reports of a sinkhole forming and that was a concern for utility workers, but it appears that a break formed on a crack off to the side of the sidewalk so that is good news. less of an issue for utility workers this morning. but back out live, we know that the roads will be shut down here for a few or basically for the entire day as they really work an effort to try to clean up this street this morning and meet with neighbors to assess the damage to homes. live in san francisco's west portal district, cate caugiran, kpix 5. santa cruz police are mourning the deaths of detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. the plainclothes officers were shot to death yesterday while investigating a possible domestic violence case. the suspect was gunned down later in a shootout with police. he had reportedly broken into a
6:56 am
woman's house last week and made inappropriate sexual advances. 6:57. a final check of traffic and weather. and weather is primo across the board. >> it has been unbelievable. very dry since january. we continue today in these temperatures getting warm some places may spike actually in the low 70s. wouldn't be surprised to see that but we are starting out with freezing temperatures in the valleys early on. some 30s and 40s. by the afternoon well into the 60s all around the bay area. again, wouldn't be surprised to see a 70 or two. then as we get into the next couple of days, even warmer if you can believe that maybe mid- 70s by friday, partly cloudy, cooler over the weekend. rain saturday night into sunday. liz? >> we just got some updated information on this accident we have been following in san lorenzo southbound 880 at lewelling. all lanes are now open. so that traffic alert has been canceled. in the meantime it's taking awhile for things to recover. it's jammed up from marina boulevard in san leandro. elsewhere westbound 4 obviously
6:57 am
very busy this morning traveling through antioch and then we are starting to see some break lights approaching concord, as well. outside here's a live look at the silicon valley drive. starting to get backed up on westbound 237 from 880 towards zanker road. a stall is still there approaching the pay gates. they haven't cleared it. it's backing up to the foot of the maze. >> busy day today. we kick off with our -- say good-bye with a little girl from texas who want to be like her father. she is already trying her hand at tattooing. take a look. the 7-year-old is learning the ropes at her father's tattoo parlor in abilene. trying it out with a flower. her father has been tatooing since he was 14 and believes his daughter could do them on her own even earlier. look at her. 7 years old. >> practice, practice, practice. >> on her way to being like her
6:58 am
dad. all right, everyone. thanks for watching. next update is 7:25. "cbs this morning" is next. we'll have much more on the big water main break here in san francisco coming up. captions by: caption colorado captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, february 27th, 201. welcome to "cbs this morning." 100,000 people flocked to st. peter's square for pope benedict's emotional good-bye. no deal and almost no time to stop $85 billion in government spending cuts. now hundreds of jailed illegal immigrants are being set free. what is it like to kill someone? first on "cbs this morning," an american mobster with a price on his head tells all to our john miller. we begin with a look at
6:59 am
today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i accompany the church with my prayers and ask each of to you pray for me and for the new pope. >> history at the vatican as pope benedict makes his final public address. >> thousands of people bid their farewell before his resignation tomorrow. >> the pontiff is not resigning for his good he said but for the good of the church. we have moved the aboutily in the house twice, we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. >> with automatic budget cuts set for friday in washington it's getting ugly. >> there's no smart way to do that. >> you do not believe as the highest ranking republican in government that this is your responsibility to lead on this issue? >> no. we elect a president to lead. the latest blast of winter weather is making its way towards the great lakes. the second major winter

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